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      My Fellow Sojourner,

Welcome to "The Notes Of A Sojourner!"


This is a temple to feed and document The Revolutions within.


This is my journey.

My journey towards reclaiming my:

- life

- body



-and soul

from the shackles of Colonialism and White Supremacy.


This is a revolutionary journey towards Decolonizing.


Will you Sojourn with me?

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What's Possible

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Either Way

No matter how you choose to Sojourn, WE are grateful to have you!


 And WE welcome you, to "The Notes Of A Sojourner" Family


Lean in, take your time, and enjoy it as WE collectively embark on a new journey weekly. 


And finally, in case you ever need it, all emails allow you to unsubscribe in one click.


But WE genuinely hope you’ll stick around :)

Every In Solidarity, 

Caroline James

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