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Does being committed to "change" mean protesting? Voting? Getting a particular degree or a specific job? 

Maybe. Maybe not.


While those things can be part of our commitment to "change," I believe our lifestyle is the truest measure of our commitments. 

Everything else is temporary. 

According to Gandhi:

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."


When WE commit to  "being" something, WE simultaneously commit to the lifestyle that comes with that state of being. 

So, for me,

being the change, I wish to see

is a lifestyle.


A lifestyle of continually expanding my understanding of myself, others, and the world.

And this lifestyle is a full spectrum experience.


 It can be challenging, but it's absolutely liberating!

You'll love my content, if that's where you are

or where you want to be.



My content is for me


Each week, I use different forms of art and reflection to document and explore my journey towards being the change I wish to see in the world. 


I offer my content to the world, but it's actually created as "notes" or reminders for me.


"The Notes Of A Sojourner," captures the wisdom, tension, joy and questions that I'm encountering and want to remember. 

I create this content to deepen my own learning, reflection and journey. 

but every Sunday, I'll offer it to you.

Thus far my content has included:

- poetry



-creative essays

- comic strips/cartoons

- video podcasts


My content is about growth, not perfection.

It's about the ever-deepening journey towards living in alignment 

with your deepest values. 

My content is about reality, not theories.

My content is not... 


  • the cliff notes version,

  • White Supremacist "professionalism,"

  • the gloss of social media,

  • colonized decolonizing,

  • keeping it "real" (but not REALLY)

  • in support of ANY human hierarchy

My content examines...

  •  Colonialism 

  • Healing

  • Capitalism

  • White Supremacy

  • Christianity

  • Religion

  • Sex

  • Sexuality

  • Personal accountability

  • Abuse

  • "The War On Drugs"

  • The Non-Profit Industrial Complex

  • The Education System

  • Mass Media

  • The Food System

  • Ect. 

Everything WE do is intentional, including our word choice. The term "WE The Sojourners" is meant to reflect the complexity of what WE do, how WE approach the world and how much WE are ready for change. Learn more about what WE mean by "Sojourner"


Perhaps most importantly, my content is a space for me to reflect one what I want to do about the issues that plague humanity.

It's a space for me to 

 practice empowering myself to be the Change I want to see in the world. 


A space for me to discover and get into  alignment with my deepest values. 

It's time to see ourselves and one another as an important part of the puzzle.

A better world requires us to be conscious of and responsible for the roles WE play. 

And it is with these aspirations that I created WE The Sojourners. 

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