"Our ancestors are the history of humanity.
Raised on the overlapping threads of privilege and oppression throughout human history, WE are the future.
When WE courageously explore privilege and oppression, WE discover that the walls meant to separate us are actually the bridges that connect us.
May WE find our way to freedom, together. "

Caroline James
Our Mission

WE The Sojourners creates provocative evidence-based multimedia content, learning experiences and art to deeply explore the inequalities and injustices WE have learned to live with. 


May our content serve the highest and greatest good of all who want to raise the tide of humanity. 

Who Are
Sojourners ?

Between our birth and death

WE expect revolutions

WE are The Sojourners.

Made of ancestors

Breathing life into the unresolved.

WE question:

equity, justice, respect, and love

WE write testaments and testimonies

WE won't quiver

Won't hide our faces behind veils of "niceness"

Won't politely silence our raging appetite 

Yes, WE starve

for justice


Our stories don't apologize for their frankness

They do not sweeten to your taste

They are not colonized;

they slip into our families' tongues and stay

They are not "well behaved"

Not suited and booted

Not made for porcelain tea cups 

-better consumed in a vessel hidden by a brown bag

Our stories whisper, yell, scream, pray and celebrate

This is an intimate space

Let nothing stand between us

but truth


Our Topics

Our content covers so many topics:


Prejudice / Biases

(Both known and unknown)


 White Supremacy


Mental/ Physical Wellness 


 Injustice/ Inequality/Poverty


 Food / Environmental Justice


 Gender/ Sex/Sexuality

Types of Content 
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  • WE The Sojourners Everywhere
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