A Mission To Live By
WE The Sojourners

WE The Sojourners creates evidence-backed Social Justice programming and multi-media content to highlight the “invisible” injustices normalized in our everyday lives.


WE strive to move justice forward by supporting folks to “be the change they wish to see in the world.”

Notes From
A Sojourner

No matter the platform, our content is always called "Notes From A Sojourner."

WE are The Sojourners. WE expect continual inner revolutions between our birth and death. Our inner revolutions revolve around our values: equity, justice, respect, and love. Remember, even in the case of the sun, a revolution requires movement.

So, WE commit to moving; commit to the work of continuously outgrowing actions, beliefs, values, and attitudes that are not reflective of the best version of ourselves. 


"Notes From A Sojourner" are living and growing scrapbooks of lessons gathered across our journey towards not leaving the world as we've entered.


May our notes serve you, and yours serve us. 

Our Topics

Our content covers five interconnected topics:


Prejudice / Biases

(Both known and unknown)


 Prejudice Reduction


Mental/ Physical Wellness 

(As they relate to Social Justice/Inequality )


 Injustice/ Inequality


 Social Justice

Types of Content 

Our most in-depth content is our weekly blog published on our website. Blogs combine personal life stories and research into in-depth articles.


Our blogs also host the surveys and activities  WE use to gather your opinions and experiences. These activities are then used as evidence to inform our interpretation of upcoming topics.


Our weekly youtube videos support our blog content.  Videos can range from storytimes to interviews, to poetry, and anything in between.

You can watch "Notes From A Sojourner" on our youtube channel and sometimes on the related blog. 


Our most casual content is on Instagram. IG is where our polls, questions, games, and realizations are for very light engagement with the topics WE cover!

You can join us @ notesfromasojourner  on Instagram. 


WE have carefully crafted our content for your enjoyment.


This includes a hand-picked playlist of complimentary music. Our Spotify playlist can be found in the footer of all pages.


So, if you'd like music with your experience; WE've got you!