About The Founder

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Caroline James is a noted educator, activist, and scholar.

As an educator, in 2014 Caroline was named a national winner of the" Sue Lehmann Excellence in Teaching Award." 

As an activist, Caroline was one of 16 feminists globally recognized by The National Association of Women's Studies in 2021. Additionally, in 2021, Caroline became a Racial Equity Grant Fellow through Humanity In Action; she is also a 2013 France, Humanity in Action Senior Fellow.

As a scholar, Caroline was internationally named a “Bill and Melinda Gates Cambridge" fellow in 2017. Her research explored how standardized approaches to education can further marginalize the already marginalized. 


From the University of Cambridge (England), Caroline holds a Master’s in Education Philosophy; her expertise specifically focuses on improving education at the institutional and systemic levels.


Though primarily versed in the American context,  through fellowships Caroline has studied inequality in India, Nepal, France, and Poland.