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I created WE The Sojourners out of a realization that there is an incredible tension between the worlds of research, politics, education, and the general public. 

People have to understand to care, and they must feel safe and understood to adequately engage in the process of "change." However, there are limited spaces for the general public to engage in activities or reflections that transform the theories of justice into a lived experience.  

Now, the knowledge and action gap will likely widen and deepen with even greater restrictions on what can be taught in work and educational spaces. 

On the other hand, research is often written for other researchers, so the gems of the literature only sometimes reach the general public. 

Unfortunately,  even when research does reach the general public, there's no guarantee of quality; the research can be outdated, the writer can fail to highlight the important contradictions already addressed in other studies, and sometimes the information is highly impractical. 

All of this set in a context where people are increasingly more polarized, short on attention and addicted to social media. 

"Notes From A Sojourner' is born from the realization that dramatically and permanently addressing social justice and human rights issues will require creatively responding to all those tensions. 



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The Current Project

My current obsession for "WE The Sojourners"  is to fully launch "Notes From A Sojourner." 

Notes From A Sojourner is a free once-a-week newsletter that will offer research-based insights on issues of social justice and human rights. 

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